About Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is situated in the heart of Europe. It has excellent transport links via air, road and train.

Zagreb is both old and youthful. Two in one, the present resides within the past which has been written for over 9 centuries and can be found inside museums, in historical monuments and along city streets.

Zagreb is a city wreathed with an abundance of green parks. Along narrow spaces of pedestrian walkways there are many cultural and art institutions, a fine blend of the modern and traditional.

Zagreb is Europe’s biggest outdoor café, always hospitable and open-hearted!

Zagreb has sports and recreational areas, parks, promenades, open air festivals and one of the best preserved garden produce markets in Europe.

Zagreb has exclusive hotels and congress centres, period buildings, theatres, museums, restaurants and nearby getaways.

Zagreb has proven to be a great host to many international congresses, corporate meetings, cultural and sporting events, and a place where true professionalism is combined with an honest and open heart.

Zagreb has been the foundation from which many excellent scientists and artists have ventured out into the world; it is also the birth place of some of the world’s most important heritage items like the cravat (necktie) and ballpoint pen, both of which have become traditional symbols associated with the business world.

Zagreb is the starting-point of many memorable travels and memories. Its green surroundings and its fantastic connection to the scenic Adriatic coastline, by both air and highway are close by and await you.

Zagreb has a heart, and you…you have Zagreb.


Area (capital city): 641 km2 / Elevation: 158 m

Population (2011)
City: 790,017
Density: 4,055/km2
Metro: 1,228,941

Time zone: UTC+1 (CET)
Summer (DST): UTC+2 (CEST)

Climate and weather: oceanic climate, but with significant continental influences and very closely bordering on a humid continental climate as well as a humid subtropical climate

Air temperature:
Average of coldest period: January, 1º C
Average of warmest period: July, 22º C
Temperatures in July:
lowest 15º C, highest 30 º C