Top attractions in Croatia’s capital city

Most Iconic Place

Saint Mark’s Church, located aptly in Saint Mark’s Square, is easily Zagreb’s most recognizable attraction. The 13th century church displays the medieval coat of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia on the left side of the roof. On the right side, there is the emblem of Zagreb. The Saint Mark’s Church is located in the city’s Upper Town, or Old Town.

Historic Site

The Zagreb Cathedral, one of the city’s more prominent sights, is a Roman Catholic church that survived an earthquake yet still stands proudly in the city, always ready to show off to visitors. One can view it from the outside – its spires are visible from almost anywhere in the city – or step inside to explore the ornate, decor. The Zagreb Cathedral is still in use today.

Lotršćak Tower

Among many Zagreb sites located in the Upper Town, one should mention the medieval Lotršćak Tower erected in the 13th century at the south entrance to the former Gradec. One of the landmarks of Zagreb, the Tower is the best-preserved part of the former city fortification. Each day, the full functioning cannon on the top of the tower fires off to mark the noon!

Tkalčićeva street

Tkalčićeva street in Zagreb, lovingly referred to as Tkalča, developed between the two oldest Zagreb neighbourhoods, Kaptol and Gradec, at the place of the former stream surrounded by mills and arched by bridges, the most famous one being the legendary Bloody Bridge. The street is brimming with local cafes, bars, and local artists. Events are constantly taking place there and the scene is thriving and expanding by the day.

Ilica Street

lica is the most famous street in Zagreb and a favourite place for shopping due to a number of prestigious clothes and shoe stores.

Croatian National Theatre

Built in 1895, this famous baroque building is the Croatian National Theatre. It is surrounded by many buildings of high architectural value, which represent the late 19th and early 20th century architecture. The repertoire of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb boasts a rich and diverse offer.

Cultural Experience

The Dolac Market is a farmer’s market located in the Upper Town (Old Town) of Zagreb. At the market, there is an abundance of local farmers and distributors selling local fruits and vegetables. This is a prime time to learn more about the fresh produce the region has to offer and the work that goes into getting these products to hungry consumers. Croatia is the supplier for a large number of organic produce offerings in the European Union and that plays into its agricultural stance and importance.